Why are you here?

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Despite the question posing more trouble then anything of such a simple nature should I am inclined to answer in a simple manner and dictate to you the nature of this site. I am Lewis Rayne at least that is my latest and favourite of my identities and rather then keeping switching my surname I would like to stay this way. Some of you reading may be whedon-nerds and recognise the influence and any of you that don’t should watch more Buffy.

I am a writer and gamer by night and by day I play the role of Father and Husband with alot of gusto. My current base of operations is York but I constantly flit up and down the country in the direction of my extended family. I am attempting to make it as a Freelance writer and I am doing well so far. My long term commitments include Gaming Till Disconnected a site which offered me a chance and I grabbed it fanatically they have a brilliant team which I have been more than happy to work with. I also run FusionGamer with a group of like-minded friends from all castes of nerd and geekdom and we work hard to bring news and reviews from Film and Gaming.

This site will stand as a chronicling of my work and where to find it. Do enjoy?



21 years

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I sit here on the eve of my 21st Birthday and I feel the need to be suitably melodramatic.

Alot has happened during my teenage years I have made some good choices, some bad choices and ultimately made and lost so many friends it is unbelievable, Most of these were lost upon my leaving college and despite assurances from all of us that this wouldn’t happen it did inevitably but a few stuck around long enough to make a difference to my life.

This being said I do not regret a single thing. There is no remorse tied to my choices and no bad feelings holding me back.The choices I made whilst not being the wisest and causing damage to others eventually led me to the situation I am in now and I assure this is a good thing. I have now been clean from drugs (other than a small amount of alcohol every now and then) for over 2 years. I have committed no crimes and am now a proud father and a husband but none of this would have been possible without making the choices I made. If I had chosen not to take drugs it is doubtful I would have never met Fi when crashing on a friends floor after a long night wondering around in the rain with some close friends on one of the most memorable nights of my life (not that she took drugs, it was a friend of a friend kind of thing). Without the drugs I would not have stolen (possibly) but these things happen for a reason and the lessons I learnt then were the lessons I needed to learn rather than what I wanted to hear.

Not once on my path have I blamed my ADHD despite it radically changing my perception of the world and my ability to understand basic human emotion, this is something I am still learning and doubt I will ever fully understand to the point of it not being an issue. My ADHD is part of me it is not a problem that needs treating and it is not something to be shunned as it has helped me pull through many rough patches and provided me with the drive to make something of myself. Finding the right people to talk to when it matters was the crucial turning point. I met someone who I will always respect, someone who as an adult is still dealing with ADHD and Bi-Polar but does it in such a soldiered way that we could learn a lesson from her.

This year finds me now about to launch my own Website with the backing of several major gaming publishers.Writing for several well known websites and making my name for myself. After christmas things will change again. With a possible internship and several freelance positions lined up on the horizon I am proof that if you try you can make any situation into a good one and in doing so I have seized my dreams and I do not plan on letting them go. Next year will also be busy with me continuing my Maths Degree through the Open University . I keep telling people Maths is cool but no-one listens.

As I said I am not sorry for the choices I made, without making them I would not be in this position now and to be remorseful or wish them to change would be to completely undermine how much I love what I have built. I would do them the same again if I was given the option.

I am going to disclose to you a piece of wisdom that a close and respected friend of mine recently passed to me despite spending so much time apart. I have adjusted it slightly.

Life is a chess board with you playing White and the rest of the world Black. While black is organised and playing by the rules you start with all your pieces in the wrong place and your goal is to re-align all your pieces to the right place. Pieces will be removed and new ones will be added in as you meet people and make choices and once they are all in place life is fine.The real battle starts there you must take your newly formed rankings and defend yourself until the last moment. Ultimately the rest of the world will win but so long as you put up a good fight that is all that matters.

I like to think I am in the process of aligning my pieces despite the ever proceeding army drawing closer and I will be ready when it is here. It will be interesting to see what turns the battle takes but I have never been more ready for it then I am now.


Writing CV

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Name: Lewis James Rayne

D.O.B: 16/12/1989

I am a freelance writer looking for work, I started writing for several websites including Gaming Till Disconnected and Platform Nation earlier this year aswell as setting up a blog-site with a group of friends. I enjoy my work and always put extra effort into my writing to make it match up to my high standards.

I have since written quite a few news posts and an equal number of editorials and reviews, I have selected a few of my favourites below and I hope there is something here for everyone’s tastes.

Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker Review : http://www.platformnation.com/2010/11/11/metal-gear-solid-peacewalker-review-psp/

Fable III: A Step Backwards : http://www.platformnation.com/2010/11/15/fable-iii-a-step-backwards/

Super Scribblenauts Review: http://www.gamingtilldisconnected.com/index.php/2010/11/07/review-super-scribblenauts/

Batman Arkham Asylum  Feature :


The Saboteur Review:


I am an avid gamer (it comes with the territory) ,determined to prove the PSP isn’t a dying console and best friends with my Xbox 360. I am a dad and husband and spend my time when I am not writing enjoying family life.

Contact details:
Email: fusiongamer@hotmail.co.uk
Alt Email: fusiongamer@gaming till disconnected
Twitter: @fusiongamerblog
Telephone: 01904796782



Welcome Home.

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Well I am home again and have a busy play schedule currently working on a few games for review and not sure which order they will be finished in.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – PSP

I’m not going to talk about this much to the annoyance of my readers mainly because I am reserving my words for the review but I can give you a sneak preview. Feck Me!

Little Big Planet – PSP

Never being a PS3 person I missed out on this originally but jumped at the chance at  play this when I got my PSP. Why did no-one tell me it was this addictive. Beautiful level design and loads of extras and collectables should keep anyone playing through this excellent game.

Super Scribblenauts – Nintendo DS

A game I didn’t expect too much from to be honest but upon playing it i have changed my mind. It works well and the levels are simple but puzzling. You need to think from a different angle to solve some of the harder puzzles.

Sims 3 DS.

I hate the sims so wanted to challenge myself to try and look at this unbiased. Things could get interesting

GTD & ME Oct 2010 : Reviews & Features

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I have been busy this month as usual and with it almost at an end I feel It would be best for me to do this now.

The Saboteur  x360: http://www.gamingtilldisconnected.com/index.php/2010/10/05/review-the-saboteur/

Splinter Cell Conviction x360: http://www.gamingtilldisconnected.com/index.php/2010/10/08/review-splinter-cellconviction/

Shaun White Snowboarding x360: http://www.gamingtilldisconnected.com/index.php/2010/10/10/review-shaun-white-snowboarding/

Comic Jumper: http://www.gamingtilldisconnected.com/index.php/2010/10/11/review-comic-jumper/

Super Meat Boy: http://www.gamingtilldisconnected.com/index.php/2010/10/22/review-super-meat-boy/

Costume Quest: http://www.gamingtilldisconnected.com/index.php/2010/10/23/review-costume-quest/

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, first impressions: http://www.gamingtilldisconnected.com/index.php/2010/10/26/first-impressions-need-for-speedhot-pursuit/