Why are you here?

Despite the question posing more trouble then anything of such a simple nature should I am inclined to answer in a simple manner and dictate to you the nature of this site. I am Lewis Rayne at least that is my latest and favourite of my identities and rather then keeping switching my surname I would like to stay this way. Some of you reading may be whedon-nerds and recognise the influence and any of you that don’t should watch more Buffy.

I am a writer and gamer by night and by day I play the role of Father and Husband with alot of gusto. My current base of operations is York but I constantly flit up and down the country in the direction of my extended family. I am attempting to make it as a Freelance writer and I am doing well so far. My long term commitments include Gaming Till Disconnected a site which offered me a chance and I grabbed it fanatically they have a brilliant team which I have been more than happy to work with. I also run FusionGamer with a group of like-minded friends from all castes of nerd and geekdom and we work hard to bring news and reviews from Film and Gaming.

This site will stand as a chronicling of my work and where to find it. Do enjoy?



~ by aelincorp on October 30, 2010.

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